Monday, 2 April 2012

Now Worry, Jessica Pujol i Duran

A5, 40 pages. £6.00. via the Paypal button in the sidebar.

Jessica Pujol i Duran’s Now Worry makes sturdy (but not inflexible), beautiful (but not superficial), small (but not small) poems out of a Catalan English world of epiphanies and doldrums, disappointments and displacements, storms and swoons. This is a poetry that is most resolutely at play in our extraordinary contemporary quotidian, standing with a modesty, grace, and openness to inner and outer experience that many huffing & puffing lectern-bangers would not recognise in a decade of sabbaticals. So poetry can go back to love / In an orange light / with frozen ambrosia / stroking your pants / with mosses and lichen / In getting different meaning.

How lucky we are to be reading these poems.

Tim Atkins


I have been here before but it wasn’t quite like this, the lovely gaps in the body of the poem make me think of Reverdy but the rhythm dancing ahead to the unknown doesn’t, there’s more not knowing here, ‘what voice in the autumn wind’, at the edge of awareness, and more fun, like knowing how to enjoy the city and listen to the other voices which means it might go away, it’s good to be able to do this and know the gap may not be the one you thought, may not be thought as you think of it, may be something else and yet something else . . .

William Rowe

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