Monday, 1 April 2013

Richard Barrett, from How Queues Work (for F)

The Primary Elements of the Queue, Satisfied

A person or persons




The Secondary Elements of the Queue, Satisfied or Otherwise

A structural prompt

Incurious passers-by

Notes on the Queue, Unsatisfied



Regret at not leaving the house earlier

Banal comments to fellow members of the queue

A Google search for Customer Services contact details

Curiosity as to how public transport systems run elsewhere

Questioning what one is doing with ones life


Richard Barrett is a Salford based poet currently undertaking a practice based research project into queuing. That is, the development of queuing; an anatomisation of queuing; the role of queuing in contemporary life; and what lessons can be learned from queuing. Completion of the project is expected to occur Summer 2014 with simultaneous publication of findings and a gallery installation . Please follow Richard's progress over at his notebook blog set-up to document the project as it unfolds Anyone wishing to take part in the project would be very welcome. Please contact Richard at barrett dot richard one at googlemail dot com