Friday, 13 April 2012

Gareth Twose, from Top Ten Tyres Ltd


Did prehistoric man have bone-music discos?
Saturday night femur? The funk-fracturing
of tibia and fibula in the caves of mutually
assured destruction, musical marathons
alternating blisters and bliss in the hard minutes
that follow the clinical cosh. The ear-y discharge
of erotic heat always with a potential for disaster.
Vital that the patient keeps the leg elevated
and doesn’t let it dangle, grinding down
the debts, low and slow, with iceflame austerity.

on a slippery slope of inductive reasoning without
adequate footwear and chased by firebreathing
balrogs with buckets of soapy water, we risk
perishing to slay the debt demons. That or
bankruptcy, the usual material fallacy propagated
by the southern death cult. The lack of cognitive
dissonance around the confusion of necessary
and sufficient conditions was alarming as was
the omnipresence of badly dressed straw men
alleging misrepresentation and smelling like the 3rd world.
But who said thought reform wasn’t easy?
Opium induces sleep because it has a soporific quality.

Deep flesh wounds and crushed limbs OK
but not unconsciousness or breastfeeding nipples
said the dept. of picture and post approval. To
improve efficiency, precursory classification
of content had been outsourced at $1 an hour.
But vortices were posing editorial dilemmas: that
point when energy cuts into space and imparts
form to it. The Bird Swallowing Fish, for eg:
the suspended tension between swallowing and
choking. Similarly what to do with the Torpedo
Fish’s electricity? A lot of paintins spoiled by
by putting collers where they do not blong.

freed of the requirement to upgrade, the speed
bumps were falling apart as the station moved
across tracks looking for the train as time dilated
both observers differently situated. The frame
of reference always at issue when road holes
more suspension-wrecking than space-time curvatures
& I thought swing dancing was a partner dance.
\we have been given our cultural instructions.
Die-back and dehydration must be avoided
you may find their general appearance a little alarming

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