Sunday, 24 February 2013

David Grundy, Austerity Measures

David Grundy, Austerity Measures. 57pp. Available now for £5.00 via paypal in sidebar

Plan of Action


speech imp-
lied beneath the sur-
face. charged up,
rip away the mask-
ing tape: assault & battery.
what lies beneath
the underdog, bed-
ded down. raise
the roof, higher
still society, bigger than our
human hearts, mend-
acious beyond belief,
it is a mouth opened
up to swallow us
whole. cost effective,
what is the least we can
do to even survive
with good conscience?
answers on a hot
plate, burning, big-
issuing forth.
I have shouted myself


one in their Right
mind would even consider the
ally our hands grope the
big dicks pointing up to
the good heavens, monuments
erect & proud to be
British; beef
cakes fall          from the skies,
            for the imp-
ossible, dreaming in broad-
cast daylight; the first stone
strikes a chord, the rest form
a symphony, & now
our hands, tense with viol-
ence, blue with
rage, green with
envy, roam the road kill-
ing time & tid-
ying up after


who can stop the clocks
the measured tread
jackboots on Whitehall

release the tongue tie
bend bow & scrape trash
from soles, from souls

upsurge electricians wanted / con-
demn, con-fuse, flick the switch,
strike up, lift the band/stand
up & be uncountable

you can count on this,
on the fingers of one hand
(my education is a fist)