Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mark Dickinson, Day Care

Song birds counted at a rate:

Where he or she then separates the absent from avoiding fuss and clause:

So many times the crisis harms those flaws in moral costs direct & violet:

Reports that where a sector lies in pockets made from feathers:

The sun stood still beneath and gladness slaying you shall not because unwanted:

Whose bones are weakened hoisted slit in case they left to bleed who struggle so and miss the stretch of wings:

Subsume the drive to formalise & pick up speed to stamp some different substance:

With such blunt tools we realise the noise dissolves attention to the gaps behind whose place she dies as left to bleed in smaller birds and birds:

The tongs on either side have swollen to remain and grieve this loss as groping stunned to simply die to choose to cause to grieve for sacrifice:

And dominance as such the standing tones that alternate their pitch the promise risked and regulates extend:

I hold the sky where porous world believe the state of object struggling from pain which has its price degraded in the class of things:

I hold the sea where porous world accepts the trade one further step to reach to need to change to modify abuse:

Shadows that we cast for solitary bees to make a hollow home with tiny lives in many different forms apace the sky:

After silence we chose to ‘open’ because for them I would be careful:

Flattening vision like a screen we did collect then built up wealth to our surprise an accident with very little sleep a stride at once:

They saw at work a Life a day a life so many years to police the truth you are:

They saw at work a death a day a death so many years to police the truth you are:

In order to be heard to try and tell by indirections made to give and each one stunned in turn at once allows:

Of speechlessness:

Of too much mental pain without a voice:

Of speechlessness:

You gather close and shatter for the price you are:

You make to smile a bird a bird & tremble:

In order to be heard:


In order to be heard:

At once allows to grief at joy has freed itself to be as like:

Is more alive:

We call between their talking head you raised:

You turn your back:

And think about the role:

Like anger::

Beading the sky:

When silence is required:

Song dust & our entire living wild toward the bright proportion:

I love a life in dressing dream an our to repair a proof exacting to compressions song:

I love & it is dear to me:

Of flowers on the wall I bring you proof between the twist::

Where women take the limit of distress & stretch their limbs:

Five freedoms:


Five freedoms:

Lacrimal inferior punctum:

For a hen

Mark Dickinson's first collection Littoral was published in 2007 by Prest Roots Press. More recently, poems appeared in the anthology The Ground Aslant: Radical Landscape Poetry, Shearsman, edited by Harriet Tarlo. He Lives in Westray, Orkney, on a vegan / vegetarian croft and publishes Seapressed.

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