Department poetry magazine ran for 5 issues from Nov 2010 to Dec 2011. Two full-length poetry collections, Telegraphic Transcriptions by Stephen Emmerson and Stutter Studies by Ollie Evans, were also published during this period.

Each of these publications are now out of print.


The poets, writers and artists who appeared in Department magazine were:

Iain Britton
Marie-Angelique Bueler
Alex Davies
James Davies
Lucy Harvest Clarke
Wayne Clements
Mark Cobley
Becky Cremin
Matt Dalby
Bill Drennan
J.P. Duran
Stephen Emmerson
Gary Fisher
S.J. Fowler
Harry Godwin
David Grundy
Catherine Hales
Matthew Hall
Colin Herd
Simon Howard
Peter Hughes
Tom Jenks
Justin Katko
Anatol Knotek
Ryan Ormonde
R.T.A. Parker
Nat Raha
Posie Rider
Karen Sandhu
Marcus Slease
Andy Spragg
Timothy Thornton
Yolanda Tudor-Bloch
Steven Waling
Carol Watts
Tom Watts

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