Tuesday, 4 December 2012

James Davies, from 'stack'

from stack ii.

shiny industrial-colour red thick lacquered plastic storage box with rounded edges 70x50x50cm with rusty bent copper clasp. two hinges at the back of the lid, copper too, but painted red and inbetween the red plastic and the lacquer there is slight sparkle. sometimes it glows pulsates throbs a light which is also an energy; yellow or blue but never both at the same time or in quick succession.

a bird in the tree a sun

how is this shell next to this other shell

a room with lots of flowers in it

motorbike and man holding yellow patch next to it for a photo

16 t-shirts

a box that opens up and contains a colour

a bit of rock

green china


green and black



a shower fitting two thirds up

there is a problem with an envelope


a brick

i placed a spoon on top of another spoon and it fell off

i coloured in a whole sheet of standard white paper in blue using a blue crayon


i tried to focus on a thought of a carpet and it worked

in the chair

some blue tarpaulin covered a bit of grass

18 plastic boxes variable sizes with lids clipped shut filled half way up with cotton wool on a 6 tiered shelving unit: metal x-bracket / plastic coated hardboard with wooden look finish


from stack iii

i decided to take another look at the orange couch

i arranged a box

green china lamp base

no bucket amongst many buckets

lemon                                                                                   _                            

hole in skirting board for television wiring to pass through

2 rocks

i put my hand up near a plastic box

octagonal yellow ashtray

near a bush

leaf sizing

tea spoons

there is no space round something on a wall

a tub the same size

grass near a late entrance

going upstairs i was puzzled

should i count each step a unit

the snow fell in a place

i sat down in the grass

i lifted a box


i drew a fox in the same box as a duck

i saw a fountain on a beach

next to some stones

lots of beach


a piece of metal

outside a bottle

slipped walking up a ramp

a room with some flowers in it

i went into a room and had a look about a bit

two sticks represented a chinese gondola next to a mountain

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